Peace Children’s Home

Welcome to TWCCTW’s very first orphanage in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand. In October 2012 we began looking for land and and were well into the construction process by December 2012. The children were thrilled to move in on January 5, 2013!

Look here to see more photos of construction. The single building so far has four rooms- one for girls, one for boys, one for parents and one for school.

The children just after move in. There are 13 so far, all from the hill tribe.

The Peace Children’s Home is located in Wiang Pa Pao a town in Northern Thailand about half-way between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Currently they occupy two rai of land, on a parcel totaling 18 rai.  The rest is available for purchase when funds become available.  (A rai is about 0.4 acres)

TWCCTW along with Bill Taylor and the SE Asia Children’s Foundation, have made a grant to this organization to complete the initial phase of construction and to get the facility ready to be occupied.

This is just a start, however.  Additional funding will be required to acquire more land for agricultural projects, build another couple of buildings, and cover the costs of day-to-day care along with educational expenses.  We’d love to have some folks step up and get involved with us on this great project.  Let us know if you are interested in supporting the growth at Peace Children’s Home.

Just the beginning- Here are the newest members of the Peace Children’s Home.


All ready for their very first day of school- ever! TWCCTW funded school uniforms to get them on their way.


All smiles as the children settle into the home here on January 23rd. Tutu is a caring and loving house mother!

Here are photos from the visit to Peace Children’s Home during the 2013 TWCCTW Tour.