Working For Children

Welcome to the “Working for Children” Rainbow Orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

“Working for Children” supports a variety of projects. These include the Rainbow Orphanage, Akids School, Eco Farm, Community Development, and soon to come- Health Care Center. There are 34 children of school-going age in the “Working For Children” Rainbow Orphanage. This organization provides assistance for an additional 250 children attending the Akids School for classes.

Sponsors to provide cash donations for education and daily expenses are greatly appreciated. In addition, you will find a wish list of supplies on their site. You will also find specific amounts needed for each project, information on visiting and volunteering. To give you and idea of some costs- here is what it costs to send just the children in the Rainbow Orphanage to school for one year.

  • The primary school: From grade 1st to grade 6th , needed to spend US$57 each year per child .
  • The secondary school: From grade 7st to grade 9th , needed to spend US$234 each year per child .
  • The high school: From grade 10st to grade 12th , needed to spend US$417 each year per child .

To find out more about the Orphanage in Siem Reap “Working for Children”, please click here.