Friday, May 3rd: Leadership/Customer Service Seminar

76A2-1sesCkzagXvRah1ddCocALv55ZQTU-SnQ7nQO4,YLpSEDqMDVLJs-qB7vtyhpu8cuAScckrMi6eXGRLSJs,p2sBZa00F7TwzRat1xAWI3mp4nJU8ZfHQd_FEJn4-YkIMG_0911On Friday the TWCCTW team provided a Leadership/Customer Service seminar at the Borei Angkor Resort and Spa for the community of Siem Reap. Borei Angkor hosted the event while students at Paññasastra University of Cambodia sold tickets to the event.


More than 50 employees of Borei Angkor and Lotus Blanc, students, business people and citizens of Siem Reap made up the audience of 150 people.


For a mere $19, the crowd was treated to an afternoon of relevant leadership/ customer service ideas, snacks and terrific song and dance by the children from Khmer Child Foundation (KCF) The seminar raised $600 for KCF.















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