Our sponsor partners work with us in several ways.

  • Provide funds that allow us to fund our various projects
  • Provide in-kind services (e.g., hotel rooms, meeting room for our public workshops, food/beverage for our travelers and project visits)
  • Utilize the expertise of our TWCCTW speakers, trainers and consultants
  • Join us on our in-country project visits
  • Work with us to expand their Corporate Social Responsibility goals
  • Continue to work with our projects in between our visits

Why Would Your Company Want to
Sponsor TWCCTW?

Because you believe in assisting those who are less fortunate. You want to further your CSR goals. You want to access our team members’ expertise.

Who We Are

TWCCTW is a group of globally based, world-class speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, authors and musicians who contribute their skills, talents and expertise to help create better lives for residents of SE Asia. We do that two ways:

  • Direct assistance to group homes and schools assisting women and children to have better education and safer living conditions. We fund sustainable projects and scholarships to worthy students.
  • Provide training and consulting for local in-country businesses to help them be more profitable, thus helping create more jobs and better working conditions for their employees so they have a higher standard of living.

Why Would You Want to Use Our Speakers?

  • You’d like to benefit from the services of our world-class experts, learning facilitators and consultants. You will have access to experts you may not otherwise be able to access. These experts can help further your efforts on leadership, engagement, retention, customer service, sales, communication, and management. We can work with your leadership team, provide in-depth training, create entertaining and thought-provoking employee- or customer-appreciation meetings, coach leaders one-on-one, and even develop long-term learning plans integrating our team as well as other resources, both in-person and virtually. We can administer assessments to help you know where your people need to improve.
  • A portion of the presenter’s fee goes directly to making a difference in the life of these children. It’s a win-win! You benefit from an accomplished speaker and you positively impact many lives in a tangible way! Be a part of our program and together we can make a profound difference in a child’s life.

What Do You Get for Your Sponsorship?

We have a variety of donation levels that will fit your desired giving amount. Depending on your donation you may receive the following:

  • Services of TWCCTW experts. Some will provide services in exchange for your sponsorship. Others will work at a much-reduced fee because of their commitment to TWCCTW.
  • Prominent mention in all printed materials, banners, Website.
  • Exposure to international media covering the events
  • Sponsor passes for community events

Say “Yes” Now!

Contact Scott Friedman at cell/whatsapp +1720-261-3534, Scott@paritoshp22.sg-host.com

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