TWCCTW was formed in 2008 by Scott Friedman, CSP, and Past President of the National Speakers Association, Jana Stanfield, CSP and a group of dedicated professionals with the mission to educate and empower less fortunate children and women in Southeast Asia.

TWCCTW provides funding and professional support to vetted organizations, offering education and job skills training for financial independence. Our mission spans six countries: Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, and Myanmar. Through fundraising, sustainability efforts, and personal engagement, we create positive change.  We provide underprivileged girls and women the opportunity to learn new money-making skills while developing confidence, competence and character,  thus  building stronger families and communities.

We host two leadership tours a year where we bring thought leaders from around the globe to

SE Asia to share their expertise.  The TWCCTW Speakers Bureau has many top speakers from SE Asia and around the world.


In all aspects of our work as Together We Can Change The World we consistently act in accordance with our core values:

  • Sustainability: We focus on enhancing the long-term growth and success of TWCCTW, in-country organizations we serve, and the international speaking community.
  • Heartfelt connection: We approach each interaction with open hearts and minds, encouraging deeper emotional connections. We celebrate and honor those we serve and serve with.
  • Integrity: We consistently act ethically, honestly and with transparency.
  • Humility: We respect and seek to understand the cultures, traditions, and life situations of the individuals and organizations with whom we interact.
  • Community-minded: We approach all situations with a mindset of kindness, inclusivity, and abundance.


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