The Courageous Leadership Experience is a one-day hands on learning journey which provides participants a road map in becoming a more insightful, influential and innovative leader.

The day's leading learning guides are David Dye & Karin Hurt, co- founders of Let's Grow Leaders, a firm that specializes in practical leadership tools and training for human-centered leaders. David and Karen co-authored the award winning books, Winning Well, Courageous Cultures (2020), and the soon to be released Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Workplace Conflict.

Karin Hurt and David Dye

Courageous Cultures:
Help Your Team Solve Problems Faster

Based on ground-breaking new research in innovation and problem-solving, you’ll learn what leaders like you are doing to build more creative and solutions-oriented teams. Teams who don’t just bring you more ideas, but practical ideas you can use to make work, work better.

Participants will learn:

  • Researched-based, practical techniques to create psychological safety and more confidence and competence sharing ideas.
  • How to create better clarity so the ideas you receive are remarkable and usable.
  • Techniques to respond to ideas (even if you can’t use them) in a way that inspires future innovation and problem solving.

We have keynote, half-day, and full-day programs based on this content, including our strategic team innovation challenge for team’s looking to apply the tools to current, strategic business challenges.


Karin Hurt and David Dye, CEO and President of Let’s Grow Leaders, are known for practical tools and leadership development programs that stick.

They are the award-winning authors of six books including, Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solvers, and Customer Advocates and Powerful Phrases for Dealing With Workplace Conflict A former Verizon Wireless executive, Karin was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of great leadership speakers. David Dye is a former executive and elected official.

Manoj Menon

Courageous Leadership – Powered by AI, Driven by Humanity

Technology is rapidly reshaping work as we know it. While many jobs are being lost, new jobs are being created at the same pace. The rules of engagement between employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and society are changing rapidly. How do we prepare ourselves, our teams, and our organizations for this disruptive future?

Participants will learn:

  • Megatrends shaping our future – what is temporary and what is transformative
  • Emerging technologies – which were and how to integrate them into our businesses
  • Business Model Innovation – what are some of the common themes and key requirements for success
  • Implementation – best practices in how to go about developing a framework to transform and innovate.


Manoj Menon, is founder and CEO of twimbit, an immersive life-long learning platform providing industry know-how to aspiring leaders. He is a futurist and an authority in the area of digital transformation. He helps individuals, society and businesses make sense of the fast-changing world that we live in. His presentation and workshops provide a unique view of how the world is transforming and how we can be better prepared to participate in this new era. He has spoken at over a 1000 seminars and private conferences in the last decade across all continents.

Manoj is a chartered financial analyst (CFA), has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and also holds a post-graduate degree in Business Administration (PGDBA). He is an author of many research studies on future industries and markets. He has appeared on major media such as CNN, BBC, Channel News Asia, CNBC and other regional media providing his opinion on major business events around the world.

Lori Pace

Setting the Pace: Curating Connections with Curiosity

Learn to harness the power of curiosity as a leadership strategy to develop meaningful connections in our global workplace.

This immersive experiential learning experience employs an optimistic approach rooted in the Jamaican philosophies of “One Love” and “No Problem.” Lori’s customized program uses improvisational live coaching to redevelop your mindset to thrive both personally and professionally.

Participants will learn to:

  • Connect with your ancestry and genuine self by listening, learning, and leading differently .
  • Differentiate yourself as a multicultural and multi-generational magnet.
  • Explore 7 ways to expand your network and net worth as a connector.


Lori Pace, CEO of Changing Paces International, is a captivating keynote speaker who identifies as a JAmerican, seamlessly blending Jamaican spirit with American ethos. An award-winning business owner and strategist, she unites people through her expertise in real estate, urban planning, and entrepreneurship.

Lori's dynamic presence graces stages like all over the world, where she inspires audiences to take impactful actions, curate connections through curiosity, and make a lasting difference in the evolving global workplace. She shares how to become a multicultural and multigenerational magnet and leader who leaves an indelible mark on individuals and teams.

An award-winning business leader and community builder, Lori guides participants to discover their true value by developing genuine relationships authentically as a MULTIplier to build momentum and activate a ripple effect.

Scott Friedman

Celebrate! The Secret to Winning in the New Abnormal

“Celebrate!” helps organizations create happier, healthier, more connected workplaces. With lighthearted humor, engaging interaction, and the latest relevant research and examples, Scott illustrates how to create a culture of innovation and celebration.

Discover how turning on your “GPS”—Gratitude, Play and Surprise—will guide you and your organization toward increased productivity, better team performance and a happier, more profitable future.

Participants will learn to:

  • Create a culture of innovation and celebration.
  • Develop a “celebration mentality” based on gratitude, play, and surprise.
  • Create fun, innovative rituals which foster a more open and engaging workplace.
  • Build deeper connections with both employees and customers through the element of surprise.
  • Develop humility and self-accepting humour in building a connected culture.


Scott Friedman, CSP, 2004-05 President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), is the author of four books: A Celebration a Day! 365 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace, Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations, Happily Ever Laughter: How to Engage Any Audience, and Using Humor for a Change. As a motivational humorist, Scott’s main area of expertise is employee innovation, customer experience, and using humor/celebration as a strategic tool.

Raju Mandhyan

Authentic Leadership Influence! Driving Deep Change in a Brand New World

Whether we like it or not, consciously or unconsciously, we are all constantly being influenced or influencing others to change. Those who succeed powerfully at making the world around them a better place know how to tap into the core and congruence of their being and then lead others into a brighter tomorrow.

Participants will learn to:

  • Dive deep and learn to own their own values and beliefs
  • Build an ambiance of higher and presence for others
  • Articulate a compelling vision and nurture systemic alignment
  • Build stronger relationships with their teams and all stake-holders
  • Sustain a culture of faith in failure and humility in success in a fast-changing, hybrid world


Raju Mandhyan, Coach and Facilitator, 2009-2014 President of the Association of Appreciative Inquiry, Philippines and Founder, President Emeritus of the International Association (IAF) Philippines, National Champion of Evaluation in 2005 for Toastmasters International.

Author of five books: The HeART of Public Speaking, The HeART of Humor, Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs, The HeART of Story and The HeART of the CLOSE…all available on Amazon or at

As a speaker, Raju Mandhyan strives to create deeper insights but practical and easy applications to build bridges across cultures and all other divides.

Harold Payne

Music Speaks Louder Than Words

Harold’s featured presentations are heartfelt, humorous, interactive and entertaining. His unique talent is capturing the essence of an occasion and spontaneously translating it into music.

He will celebrate, summarize and reinforce your themes and topics to create a crowning moment that will be remembered long after your event.

Your audience will experience:

Recap songs

Harold creates a song to recap a speaker’s message immediately following a talk or summarizes the events throughout your conference. A memorable takeaway for all attendees.


Harold Payne is a Multi-platinum songwriter, Tedx speaker and master improviser, who has written songs for such diverse artists as Rod Stewart, Patti Labelle, Carlos Santana as well as longtime collaborator, Bobby Womack; And literally from Peter Paul & Mary to Snoop Dogg.

He has also created customized songs for Regis Philbin, Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Kyle Cease (at the Dolby Theater) & the National Speakers Association conference.

Jana Stanfield

Don’t Wait, Recalibrate!

When stress is more usual than occasional, it’s time to give your energy management skills a tune up.

Jana Stanfield knows about the importance of playing in tune, and staying in tune, from a career as a world class musician, speaker, and facilitator.

In this upbeat, humorous, interactive session, you’ll laugh while learning the fastest and easiest ways to:

  • Reset your mindset to restore your resilience
  • Renew your recalibration skills for life
  • Recalibrate on the job, at home and on the go


“We cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that we can do.” -Jana Stanfield

Health is “tuned up” and that you can “play in tune” with others is not just a skillset but a necessity for a lifelong musician who is also the cofounder, with Scott Friedman, of Together We Can Change The World.

Being able to teach these skills, and practice them daily, is essential when Together We Can Change brings teams of volunteers to Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, or the Philippines.

Jana’s international presentations are filled with hope, humor and music that is best described as “Heavy MEN-tal” or “psychotherapy you can dance to.”