Together We Can Change the World Volun-tours

If you are interested in helping on one of our volun-tours, please send us an email to share how you’d like to help. People help during our tours, as well as before and after. And you don’t have to go on one of the tours to be of help.

Please see the pages specific to our upcoming trips for more details

If you’d like to be considered to come on one of our trips, please complete this application to be considered. Let us know which tour you’re interested in.

(Please note: if you are a speaker and accepted to go on the trip, you may or may not be selected to speak. Our sponsors choose the speakers based on their business needs. Also know, because our tours have become popular, we may accept tour participants based on our sponsors’ topic needs, so you may be a great speaker, just not have a topic that is needed on the trip.)

For recaps of previous tours, please see the pages specific to our past tours.