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Thank you for considering a donation to Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) — a non-profit empowering and educating women and children in Southeast Asia.

I, and Timeless Teachings Podcast, are supporting TWCCTW in its mission and we are passionate about elevating the communities this organization serves. 

If you’re here, it means you have either been invited as a guest for an interviewed on Timeless Teachings Podcast or you simply found this page through my social media.

In any case, I would greatly appreciate your contribution on behalf of all women and children that TWCCTW supports.

Every penny raised on this page goes directly to the recipients—and is fully tax deductible. 

We have a modest goal of raising at least $2000 before April 30, 2023—so please give as  generously as you can.

In addition to creating awareness and celebrating children from vulnerable and
impoverished societies throughout the region, TWCCTW has also built multiple orphanages and homes there, too.

Thank you for joining me in supporting Together We Can Change The World—together we are providing children in Southeast Asia with hope, love, and the opportunity for education and a better future.

Please SHARE on your social media accounts and help us spread the word! This tour, like every trip TWCCTW takes, is only possible because of people like you ♥️ THANK YOU!

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Yana Fry