Friday, May 3rd: Leadership/Customer Service Seminar

On Friday the TWCCTW team provided a Leadership/Customer Service seminar at the Borei Angkor Resort and Spa for the community of Siem Reap. Borei Angkor hosted the event while students at Paññasastra University of Cambodia sold tickets to the event. More than 50 employees of Borei Angkor and Lotus Blanc, students, business people and citizens of Siem Reap made up the audience of 150 people.

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Thursday, May 2nd: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Time to explore the wonders of Angkor Wat and the splendor of Siem Reap. Cambodia has a much smaller population than its neighbor Thailand (approximately 14 million vs. 70 million) and a much less-developed infrastructure. That is not surprising, however, when you consider the terrible hardships inflicted on these people during the Vietnam War, followed by the reign of Pol Pot and his Kymer Rouge

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Tuesday, April 30th: Activity Day in Chiang Mai

April 30th was a free day. TWCCTW volunteers were able to participate in a Thai cooking class or play with the elephants at an elephant reserve. Everyone enjoyed taking in some Thai culture!       On Wednesday, May 1st we traveled from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap, Cambodia.   Click here to see the next part of the trip: May 2nd, Siem Reap,

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Monday, April 29th: Concert in Chiang Mai

After visiting Peace Children’s Home, we continued on to Chiang Mai. We checked into our guest house, had a nice meal and reflected on a great day. On Monday, Jana Stanfield performed a fundraising concert at the University of Chiang Mai’s Henry R. Luce Chapel with over 200 people in attendance. The original beneficiary of the fundraiser was intended to be Peace Children’s Home, but after a fire at a Burmaese refugee camp claimed

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Sunday, April 28th: Peace Children’s Home

From Chiang Rai we headed for Chiang Mai, stopping along the way in Wiang Pa Pao to visit the first home that TWCCTW has financed, the Peace Children’s Home. The main building is now complete and occupied by 21 hill tribe children who are attending Thai government schools.         We started building in October 2012 and by January, 2013, the first

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Saturday, April 27th Part 2: Baan Saan Rak

From the Good Shepherd Sisters Girls’ Home, we visited Jit and her Baan Saan Rak orphanage of 21 kids. She’s a wonderful, dedicated lady doing a great job giving these kids an opportunity at a better life.         We enjoyed buying beautifully hand crafted cards and fabrics made on site. Amazing how much talent these kids display when given a few

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Saturday, April 27th Part 1: Good Shepherd Sisters Girls’ Home

Here we are ready to depart from our Chiang Rai Guest House.Saturday started out with a visit to the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun). The temple was designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat. Filled with religious and historical significance, the all white temple honors the purity of the Lord Buddha. This is still a work in progress, the finished temple is expected to include nine buildings over approximately

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Friday, April 26th: Journey from Singapore to Thailand

Friday was the conclusion of the Learning Buffet with Scott Friedman, Jana Stanfield and Bill Taylor hosting a two hour session, “From Success to Significance.” This program honored the employees of the Royal Plaza and the good they are doing in the world. Bill, Jana and Scott spoke about TWCCTW and how we can all make a bigger difference together. With Jana Stanfield leading, everyone

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Full 2013 TWCCTW Tour!

Welcome to Together We Can Change The World’s 2013 SE Asia Tour!! Your adventure seekers included: Scott Friedman   Jana Stanfield     Bill Taylor   Rhonda Faught     Maria Kassova     Lynn Leahy   Jonathan Low     Rebecca Morgan     Robert Stack   Carol Talbot         First Week: Sunday, April 21st-Thursday, April 25th Our 2013 adventure

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Photos from Chiang Rai 2013

Photos collected from members of the 2013 tour. Photos of the Hill Tribes in northern Thailand near the border of Burma and Laos, Akha Hill Tribe dancing, Good Shepherd Home. Check out updates from the trip on the TWCCTW Facebook page!