Monday, April 29th: Concert in Chiang Mai

21 Oct by TWCCTW

After visiting Peace Children’s Home, we continued on to Chiang Mai. We checked into our guest house, had a nice meal and reflected on a great day. On Monday, Jana Stanfield performed a fundraising concert at the University of Chiang Mai’s Henry R. Luce Chapel with over 200 people in attendance. The original beneficiary of the fundraiser was intended to be Peace Children’s Home, but after a fire at a Burmaese refugee camp claimed 20 lives and treasured possessions, we felt our funds would be better put to use helping the Burmaese refugee camp.

The night was also a celebration of Tutu’s and Rebecca Morgan’s birthdays.

The most special moment of the evening came as Bill Taylor, the director of TWCCTW, walked around the church with a donation box to collect contributions from those wanting to donate to the cause. Bill walked briskly by the teenage girls from a few of the Homes not expecting a contribution, but each girl had already begun digging in their purses to contribute to this important cause. What a good lesson in remembering that no matter how little we may have, there is always someone who needs it more. The concert raised over 36,000 Thai Baht (approximately $1,200) to benefit the victims at the refugee camp on the Thai/Myanmar border.