Sunday, April 28th: Peace Children’s Home

21 Oct by TWCCTW

From Chiang Rai we headed for Chiang Mai, stopping along the way in Wiang Pa Pao to visit the first home that TWCCTW has financed, the Peace Children’s Home. The main building is now complete and occupied by 21 hill tribe children who are attending Thai government schools.

We started building in October 2012 and by January, 2013, the first 12 kids had a new place to call home.

How inspiring to see the kids transform from being shy and withdrawn, infested with worms and lice, to being healthy and full of energy and love… Led by Daniel and Tutu Bergphasanti these kids have an opportunity for an education and a better shot at life previously unavailable to them.

Our next stop was just down the street at a home belonging to Asia’s Hope( Tutu is the country manager of Asia’s Hope.

At the moment the native Karen speaking kids, are being taught Thai and English. These kids come from remote villages with horrendous living conditions and the goal is to equip them with needed skills and the ability to communicate effectively so that they can help raise the standard of living in the villages from which they come.

Future goals for Peace Children’s Home:

– Purchase more land and expand.

– Build a separate shelter for the house mother and father who are newlyweds.

Being a Christian based home, our goal is to find Churches around the world to support this wonderful home.

If you are interested in donating, click here.