TWCCTW organization is proud to be affiliated with Leaderonomics  to be part of the Bounce Back Better. Stronger. Smarter Program.  The program, which was held online in May 2020 due to the pandemic,  helps transform lives by taking the responsibility for making positive changes. The program supports the development of positive habits that help shape your future, post Covid 19 shutdown events.

Inspired by champions in their professional fields whose courage and determination has led to making positive difference in the world, hear moving and emotional stories of business and thought leaders, daring adventures, those who have conquered near-death experiences and be inspired to write your own. The future is bright when you are your own director. Challenge yourself to build yourself and your organization‘s best future . Proceeds from the Bounce Back Better. Stronger. Smarter program went towards the causes supported by TWWCTW and Leaderonomics focused on educating and empowering children young adults and women in South East Asia.
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Listen, be inspired and never look back.  Bounce Back Better. Stronger. Smarter.