21 Oct by TWCCTW

Plans for the future! On the 5th we met with Phillip Kao, in charge of business development for Innotality, and Naline Kuoy, the Governor’s wife. Naline runs the Red Cross in Cambodia. Our talk focused on future efforts in Cambodia and how TWCCTW can become a resource to help the Red Cross rebuild Cambodia. Naline wants the Red Cross to be proactive in helping children and ladies in need and not just react to disasters.

Taking into account the travel participant contributions, the money we raised at the meetings, and a wonderful Art Berg Technology Grant from the National Speakers Association (thanks to Scott for the connection and to Jana for writing the grant) we raised approximately $20,000 to be used to further our cause of educating at-risk children, creating sustainability and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Contact us for more information on how you can help and how you can join us on our next TWCCTW tour! 
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